Application for Urgent Piece of work in (English and Urdu)

Urgent Piece of Work

There are many different reasons why one wants to be absent from work or school. As a student or employees, we will need permission from our boss or principal for vacations. In this article, we will focus on how to write an application for an Urgent Piece of work.

What is leave request or application for leave?

Requesting a formal leave to take a few days or months off from your duty at work, school, or college or taking a formal leave of absence for specific or multiple reasons is called a leave request. For example, we say you are about to undergo minor surgery; You will need a few days after surgery to rest and recover. This is when you ask your supervisor or headmaster for a leave of absence.

Steps to write application for leave

There is no specific format for writing a leave application letter. However, you should always mention the following elements, especially if it is for your boss or school principal.

Steps to write an application

Sample of an application to write any application in english

Name of concerned person (principal or class teacher)
Name of school or college,
Address of school or college

Subject: Application for leave

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Your name
Class/ Semester
Name of school or college

Application for an urgent Piece of Work in English

The Principal,

School Name

School Address

Subject: Application-Urgent piece of work

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the father of one of your students, He/She who is currently in the 2nd Grade (Section A) in your fine establishment. I am writing to inform you that He/she will not be able to attend school today and tomorrow, i.e. the 28th and the 29th of February, as His/her grandfather passed away this morning. As all the family members are in mourning and the funeral service will be held today and tomorrow, we will not be able to send his/her to school during this difficult time. I ask you for your understanding and request you to kindly grant his/her a leave of absence for 2 days, the 28th and the 29th of September.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

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Sample of an application to write any application in Urdu

بخدمت جناب (ہیڈ ماسٹر/ہیڈ مسٹریس/پرنسپل صاحب /صاحبہ )(سکول کا کالج کا نام )

!(جناب عالی /جناب عالیہ )

(آگے چھٹی لینے کی وجہ اور چھٹی کی گزارش)مودبانہ گزارش ہے کہ

-آپ کی عین نوازش ہوگی


آپ کی /کا خیر اندیش

طالبعلم کا نام

طالبعلم کی کلاس اور رول نمبر

درخواست کے دن کی تاریخ

درخواست دہندہ کے دستخط

Application for an urgent Piece of Work in Urdu

بخدمت جناب ہیڈ ماسٹر صاحب گورنمنٹ ہائی سکول ا- ب -ج

!جناب عالی

مودبانہ گزارش ہے کہ فدوی کو آج گھر پر ایک بہت ضروری کام ہے- جسکی وجہ سے فدوی آج سکول حاضر ہونے سے قاصر ہے- مہربانی فرما کر فدوی کو ایک یوم کی رخصت عنایت فرمایں

-آپ کی عین نوازش ہوگی


آپ کا خیر اندیش

۱ – ب – ج

کلاس ہشتم

رول نمبر ١٢٣

۱ – ب – ج

——– دستخط

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