UDC and LDC Salary Package of FBR & FIA in Pakistan 2022

UDC (BS-11) And LDC (BS-09) salary In Pakistan 2022 [FBR & FIA]
UDC salary in Pakistan 2022

On this page, we will talk about the UDC and LDC salary packages in FBR & FIA.

UDC (BS-11) Salary in Pakistan

UDC stands for Upper Division Clerk. A person who is working as UDC (BS-11) in Pakistan usually earned 34,500 to 36,500 per month. This is the average salary including housing, transport, Allowances, and other benefits. Qualification for UDC required Intermediate.

Salary Packages of UDC

Basic Pay 12500
Medical expenses1500
Adhoc Relief1000+
Convey Allowance2850
Performance Allowance6600
Fixed Incentive4500
Medical allowance1500
House Rent1580
Other Annual increased3000
Annual Increment880

The minimum salary of UDC (BS-11) is Rs-12500 and Their maximum salary is Rs-38970 These UDC officers are getting an annual increment of amount Rs 880 every year.

UDC salary in FIA

The basic package of UDC salary in FIA is approximately 58.110.00/ after adding all allowance. UDC’s minimum basic salary is Rs. 12500 their maximum basic is Rs. 38970 and their annual Increment (December) is 880.

1Basic pay12500
2Convey Allowance 20052856
3Fixed TA/DA8800
4Adhoc Relief All 2016 10%800
5Adhoc Relief All 2017 10%1250
6Adhoc Relief All 2018 10%1250
7Adhoc Relief All 2019 10%1250
8Utility Allowance 25%3125
9Monthly Investigation All (equal to 60%)7500
10House Rent Ceiling8000
12Medical Allowance1500
13FIA Allowance 20%2500
14Anti-On Crime Allow 50%6250
Gross PayRs.: 58,110.00

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LDC (BS-7) Salary in Pakistan

LDC stands for Lower decision Clerk. A person who works as LDC in Pakistan normally earned 55,527.00/. Their minimum salary is 11770 and their maximum salary is 33670. These LDC clerks get an annual increment of amount 730 every year. The Qualification required for the LDC clerk is Matric and typing speed of 30+ words in one minute.

Salary Package of LDC

Basic Pay11770
Medical Allowance1500
Adhoc Relief1000+
Convey  Allowance2650
Performance Allowance FBR6200
Fixed FBR Incentive4200
Medical allowance1500
House Rent1580
Other Annual increased 2000

LDC (BS-09) Promotion as UDC (BS-11)

LDC Lower Division Clerk (BS-09) has three options for their promotion in their careers, take NTS/FPSC exams and get selected. 2nd, Apply for higher posts in various ministries / Federal Departments. 3rd, wait for his promotion to UDC on a seniority base, then for Assistant then after 8 years service as Assistant.

LDC salary in FIA

A person working as an LDC Clerk (BS-09) in Pakistan typically normally earns approximately 31,500 = PKR per month. This is the average monthly salary including housing, and other Allowance & benefits.

1Basic pay11770
2Convey Allowance 20052720
3Fixed TA/DA8800
4Adhoc Relief All 2016 10%700
5Adhoc Relief All 2017 10%1177
6Adhoc Relief All 2018 10%1177
7Adhoc Relief All 2019 10%1177
8Monthly Investigation All (equal to 60%)7055
9Utility Allowance 25%2942
10House Rent Ceiling6500
12Medical Allowance1500
13FIA Allowance 20%2354
14Anti-On Crime Allow 50%5885
Gross PayRs.: 55,527.00

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