Salary of Captain in Pakistan Army with Ranks 2022

Pakistan Army Captain

Pakistan army is a very powerful land force on the earth. This post is about the Pakistan Army Captain Salary 2022 Basic Pay Scale and Allowances. Pakistan army is in the service of the country with a compendium and with the resolution, it comes into existence on 14 august 1947.

It is working on the British organized system and ranks as mentioned by the British system. When it comes to being Pakistan army serves our adorable country daringly and the system is firm on the faith that Allah almighty is our creator and for the sake of its contentment serves the country without any interest.

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Pakistan Army Captain Salary Basic Pay Scale and Allowances 2022

The minimum pay of the captain is 45,000 and the maximum 51,780 pay which is a very less amount according to their services. Captain has to wait for the 5 years to be major and scale would be high after 5 years. Here are some benefits that are given to the captain of the Pakistan army which are not enough for them according to their services.

Uniform And Other Facilities Of Captain in Pak Army:

  • uniform: khaki
  • Pay Scale : 18th Grade
  • Promotion: Captain to Major (mostly after five to six years as a captain)
  • Rank insignia : Three metal pip on shoulder
Pakistan Army Captain Salary

Pak Army Captains get their uniform after connecting the Armed Force.  A Captain put on a khaki uniform, their ranks bring upon the shoulders, and NCOs wear on the arm. Their name shows on the chest pocket. In the Pak Army, Captains get many other provisions like those other government departments to provide comfort to their employees.

 These benefits are free medical treatments, a house with two rooms in case of married marital status, an apartment in case of single or unmarried status, children’s school expenses, and a well-furnished separate office. Pakistan Army also gives the opportunity of paid mess and free membership of golf clubs for captain’s convenience due to their highest rank.

The allowance, which is given to the captains same as that of other government officers obtained. A Captain does not need any land or house at the time of retirement. The salaries and facilities criteria of the captain are not compared to the General.

Captain’s Promotion Time Period:

A Captain gets a promotion after 5 years of service in his rank. After five years as captain, he was promoted to a Major rank, at that time his age will be 27 years.

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