Muhammad Ali Bogra Prime Minister of Pakistan from 1953-1955

Muhammad Ali Bogra was a prominent political figure in Pakistan during its early years. Here are some details about his life:

Muhammad Ali Bogra (1953-1955)

Full Name: Muhammad Ali Bogra Birth: October 19, 1909 Death: January 23, 1963

Early Life and Education:

  • Muhammad Ali Bogra was born in Bogra, British India (now in Bangladesh).
  • He belonged to a prominent Muslim family.
  • He received his early education in Calcutta (now Kolkata) and later attended Aligarh Muslim University in India.

Political Career:

  • Bogra actively participated in the political movement for the creation of Pakistan.
  • After the establishment of Pakistan in 1947, he joined the civil service and held various administrative positions.
  • In 1953, he was appointed as Pakistan’s Ambassador to Burma (now Myanmar).

Prime Minister of Pakistan:

  • Muhammad Ali Bogra became the third Prime Minister of Pakistan, serving from April 17, 1953, to August 12, 1955.
  • His tenure witnessed significant political and constitutional developments in Pakistan.

Bogra Formula:

  • Muhammad Ali Bogra proposed a constitutional framework known as the “Bogra Formula” in 1953.
  • The Bogra Formula aimed to establish a parliamentary system with a powerful central government and provincial autonomy.
  • It suggested a bicameral legislature and a framework for the distribution of powers between the central and provincial governments.
  • The Bogra Formula was a significant step toward shaping Pakistan’s constitutional framework.

Resignation and Later Years:

  • Muhammad Ali Bogra’s tenure as Prime Minister ended due to political disagreements and internal power struggles within the ruling party.
  • After resigning as Prime Minister, he continued to be active in politics and held various ministerial positions.
  • Bogra passed away on January 23, 1963, in Dhaka (then East Pakistan, now Bangladesh).

Family of Muhammad Ali Bogra Prime Minister of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Bogra belonged to a prominent Muslim family. Here is some information about his family:


  • Muhammad Ali Bogra’s father was Meher Ali Bogra.

Marriage and Children:

  • He was married to Begum Mahmuda Banu.
  • They had two daughters and three sons.


  1. Ghulam Mohiuddin Bogra
  2. Shahid Ali Bogra
  3. Masood Ali Bogra


  1. Kaukab Sultana
  2. Salma Sultana

Muhammad Ali Bogra’s family supported and stood by him throughout his political career. His descendants have continued to maintain their privacy, and there is limited information available about his family members beyond their names.

Muhammad Ali Bogra’s contributions to Pakistan’s political landscape, particularly his proposal of the Bogra Formula, played a significant role in shaping the country’s constitutional development and power dynamics during its early years.