Liaquat Ali Khan was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan

Liaquat Ali Khan was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan. Here are some details about his life and tenure:

Liaquat Ali Khan (1947-1951)

Liaquat Ali Khan

  • Birth: October 1, 1895
  • Death: October 16, 1951
  • Tenure: August 15, 1947 – October 16, 1951

Key Highlights Liaquat Ali Khan:

  • Liaquat Ali Khan played a significant role in the creation of Pakistan and was a close associate of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.
  • He served as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan from the country’s independence in 1947 until his assassination in 1951.
  • As Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan faced various challenges, including the rehabilitation of millions of refugees, the framing of the country’s constitution, and the establishment of democratic institutions.
  • He played a vital role in formulating Pakistan’s foreign policy and was involved in negotiations with India over several contentious issues, including the status of Kashmir.
  • Liaquat Ali Khan pursued policies focused on social justice, economic development, and strengthening the democratic framework of Pakistan.
  • His government introduced land reforms, industrialization measures, and initiatives to improve education and healthcare.
  • Liaquat Ali Khan actively participated in international forums and represented Pakistan on the global stage.
  • Sadly, he was assassinated on October 16, 1951, during a public meeting in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Family of Liaquat Ali Khan

Education of Liaquat Ali Khan

Liaquat Ali Khan received his education in both India and England. Here are details about his educational background:


  • He attended the Aligarh Muslim University in India for his early education.
  • Liaquat Ali Khan was a bright student and excelled in academics during his school years.

Higher Education:

  • After completing his schooling, he went to England for higher studies.
  • He enrolled at Oxford University, where he studied law at Exeter College.
  • In 1919, he completed his law degree and was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in London.

During his time in England, Liaquat Ali Khan was exposed to various intellectual and political ideas, which influenced his later career as a statesman and leader in the struggle for independence and the formation of Pakistan.

Family of Liaquat Ali Khan

Liaquat Ali Khan was born into a prominent Muslim family in Karnal, British India. Here is some information about his family:


  • His father, Nawab Rustam Ali Khan, was a landlord and an influential figure in the region.
  • His mother’s name was Mahmoodah Begum.

Marriage and Children:

  • Liaquat Ali Khan married his cousin, Jehanara Begum, in 1918.
  • They had three children together: a son named Wilayat Ali Khan and two daughters named Akbar Jehan Khanam and Ishrat Jehan Khanam.


  • Liaquat Ali Khan had two sisters: Inam Ali Khanum and Saeeda Ali Khanum.


  • One of his nephews, Sahabzada Yaqub Khan, went on to have a notable political and diplomatic career in Pakistan.