Google Launches “SEO Made Easy” YouTube Series

Google announces the “SEO Made Easy” YouTube series, which offers doable advice for improving a website’s performance in search results. HIGHLIGHTS Google has launched a brand-new YouTube series called “SEO Made Easy.” The first episode focuses on modifying site names in Google’s search results using structured data. The series targets both inexperienced and seasoned website … Read more

Google Answers How To Get Discover Traffic Back After It Dries Up

Martin Split from Google says that “Discover is an organic feature that accompanies user demand and habits.” On the July 2023 Office Hours session, a question concerning what to do when traffic from Google Discover traffic stops was addressed by Martin Splitt of Google. Martin summarizes the primary focus areas of Google Discover. Google Discover … Read more

Google Downgrades Visibility of HowTo and FAQ Rich Results

Google revealed that it will limit the websites that provide FAQ-rich results and the locations where HowTo results are displayed. Google formally declared that it is reducing the prominence of the HowTo and the FAQ rich results types. For the majority of websites (but not all), the FAQ rich results will largely be phased out, … Read more

Emails Show Google Search & Ad Execs Plotting To Increase Ad Revenue

A US antitrust lawsuit exposes a scheme involving Google search, Chrome, and display ads to increase ad revenue Highlight US antitrust lawsuit reveals emails between Google Search, Chrome and ad executives plotting ways to increase ad revenue Email descriptions are planned to increase search queries on Chrome to increase ad revenue. Executives talk about the … Read more

Is E-E-A-T A Ranking Factor?

Google’s idea of E-E-A-T is crucial for search engine ranking. Does it then qualify as a ranking factor? Moreover, if not, why not? Google has verified that some of the signals in its algorithms are geared toward giving websites that demonstrate the characteristics of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) a higher position. Therefore, in … Read more

Google On How Googlebot Handles AI Generated Content

Martin Splitt from Google responds to a query on indexing, rendering, and handling AI content. When asked about how Googlebot was adapting its crawling and rendering to the surge in AI-generated content, Martin Splitt from Google responded. Martin’s response shed light on Google’s handling of AI-generated material and the function of quality control. Rendering of … Read more

6 SEO Concepts To Focus On Right Now

Google’s ranking algorithm is always changing. Use these 6 SEO principles to stay current. When Google and Bing introduced new technologies, the search marketing industry had to catch up. Here are six SEO advancements that have to do with how search engines rank that every search expert needs to be aware of in order to … Read more

Google’s Experimental Feature Makes Webpages Faster

A new feature that is already available in Chrome and boosts page performance to unprecedented heights was introduced by Google as origin trials. Google recently released a new JavaScript implementation that enhances webpage responsiveness, enabling publishers that adopt it to outperform rivals in a key new web performance statistic. The release gives readers an early … Read more

Google Designated A “Gatekeeper” Under EU Rules: What It Means

What does it imply that Google is a “gatekeeper” under the EU’s new Digital Markets Act (DMA) and how does that affect Google products? HIGHLIGHTS A “gatekeeper” under the new EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) is Google. “Gatekeeper” businesses must alter their offerings to provide customers greater options and discretion. The DMA seeks to strengthen … Read more

Google On Right Way To Do Paid Guest Posts

John Mueller from Google offers a method for publishing compensated guest posts that Google approves In response to a concern regarding paying for guest articles, John Mueller of Google provides sound guidance on how to handle paid guest posts in a way that Google will accept. Recent Guest Posts History Paid or unpaid guest articles … Read more