25 Breathtaking Places Found Right Here In The USA

 Do you want to take the trip of a lifetime that includes the world’s most amazing destinations? Fortunately, you don’t have to travel abroad to get it. Here are 25 amazing places in the United States that will make you feel like you’ve just traveled to an exotic foreign country.

1. Yosemite Valley, California

When most people think of California, they think of Hollywood and celebrities. However, this region is full of some of the most stunning natural scenery in the world. This glacial valley covers eight miles and is surrounded by beautiful granite peaks. It is a photographer’s dream that allows you to click your camera from any angle.

2. Watkins Glen State Park, New York

One of the state parks in the Finger Lakes, Watkins Glen State Park has a lot to offer. In a two-mile stretch, the middle stream drops more than 400 feet, creating a series of waterfalls along the way. The gorge trail winds above and below the falls, this hike is definitely worth doing.

3. Bryce Canyon, Utah

 Although most people think of the Grand Canyon as the ultimate rock formation, it can be a narrow path. It is an amazing rock formation that will take your breath away and talk about visiting it for years. As you hike the Loop of Navajo, which begins and ends at Sunset, admire the towering limestone walls and the Douglas firs above them for spectacular views.

4. Mendenhall Glacier Caves, Alaska

If you love glaciers, this destination is a must. The ice caves on this 12-mile glacier are incredible to behold. They’re located along the West Glacier Road in Alaska, but you’ll feel like you’ve just been to Antarctica.

5. Niagara Falls, New York

Although it is considered a busy tourist area, it is worth the trip just to see the magnificent waterfalls that attract people from all over the world every year. You can tour the falls at the US-Canada border, or walk through the tourist area and enjoy the rushing water below.

6. Glacier National Park, Montana

The beautiful mountain peaks near Kalispell, Montana and Glacier National Park are considered an American treasure, occupying more than a million acres of landscape. So get out your hiking boots – and your camera – and enjoy the beauty.

7. Oneonta Gorge, Oregon

An article about amazing places in the United States would not be complete without Oneonta Gorge. This gorge will make you feel like you’ve just traveled to an exotic South American jungle, even though you’re in Oregon. Rokko is located in the Columbia River Gorge and has a huge variety of ferns and mosses.

8. Pictured Rocks, Michigan

You don’t have to travel far to the European coast to see more unique rock formations. In fact, you need look no further than the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan.

9. Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah

The Narrows of Zion National Park offers great scenery. The park has spectacular rock walls that rise right along the  edge of the river, with some sections tapering to nearly 25 feet. There is a clear path to see the narrows. However, the best views are for those willing and able to wade and walk along the river. Make sure you check the weather  before going in because you don’t want to be  here when the flood comes.

10. The Subway in Zion National Park, Utah

With so much to offer in Zion National Park, here’s another place to check out while in the area. There are two ways to access the subway, an amazing formation that literally looks like a subway tunnel. The first is the Subway Top-Down trip, which is for the adventurous and includes rappelling and swimming. The second is a non-technical hike that uses the Left Fork Trail.

11. Savannah, Georgia

If  you’re looking for a fairytale, you only have to  travel to Savannah, Georgia. The Spanish moss trees found here are considered a tall natural wonder and look  straight out of a novel.

12. Thor’s Well, Oregon

This huge saltwater fountain at Cape Perpetua, Oregon will make you wonder if you’re in Zambia. It is almost too beautiful to put into words, so you must visit this amazing place. Visit an hour before the climb for the best views.

13. Haiku Stairs of Oahu, Hawaii

Although this area is technically closed to the public, many people break the rules to see it. Nicknamed the ‘Stairway to Heaven’, the road will make you wonder if you’ve just been to a tropical South American country.

14. Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming

This natural wonder is located in Yellowstone National Park and is considered unique. In fact, it is the third largest hot spring in the world.

15. Badlands National Park, South Dakota

The red and orange mountains of this national park are fascinating and comparable to the beauty of the Grand Canyon.

16. Arches National Park, Utah

If you like interesting and unusual rock formations, Arches National Park is a must for you. These rock formations seem to defy gravity, and the single and multiple arches  throughout the park offer many breathtaking views.

17. Sequoia National Park, California

The giant redwood trees of Sequoia National Park are a wonderful place. You have to experience these trees in person because pictures just don’t do it justice. The park has many hiking trails for all levels.

18. Antelope Slot Canyon, Arizona

The  Antelope Slot Canyon Lighthouse is a spectacular sight in the canyon from April to September. However, if you come here, plan ahead because the park is managed by the Navajo Parks and Recreation Department and visitors must be transported by a licensed operator.

19. Crater Lake, Oregon

Formed by a collapsed volcano and fed by rain and snow, the lake is actually the deepest lake in the United States. However, getting great views is a bit difficult  as the lake is often cloudy. Be sure to check the Crater Lake National Park website before looking for webcam image links  so you can choose a  day that suits your visit.

20. Northern Lights, Alaska

 And you don’t have to travel to Iceland to see this natural wonder. The northernmost state of the United States offers you the best views of the Northern Lights. Visit the cities of Fairbanks and Anchorage between  September and April to see the best sights of this magnificent wonder.

21. Joshua Tree National Park, California

The Yucca Palm or Joshua Tree is a unique looking tree found in Joshua Tree National Park. Plan your trip between February and the end of April to see these trees even better. They are unique to the desert regions of the American Southwest and are definitely worth the trip.

22. Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Wisconsin

The Apostle Islands in Lake Superior, off  the coast of northern Wisconsin, have  amazing beach caves and arches. In some winters, the lake freezes so much that visitors can walk along the shore and experience these caves with frozen waterfalls and large icicles everywhere.

23. Saguaro National Park, Arizona

In Arizona, right next to Tucson is Saguaro National Park, home to the giant Saguaro cactus. Giant cacti, desert mountains and sunsets offer breathtaking views.

24. Skagit Valley Tulip Fields, Washington

If you like flowers, this place will take your breath away. During April, the tulip fields are in full bloom and full of the most amazing colors you’ve ever seen. Some believe the flowers look like what you might find in the European region of the Netherlands or Austria. But they are  here in Washington state.

25. Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

This beautiful island is located in the Gulf of Mexico about 70 miles west of Key West, although you’ll feel like you’ve just traveled to an exotic island in the South Pacific. This area is only accessible by boat or plane, which only adds to the uniqueness of the travel experience.

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