9 Totally Fresh Types of Adventures for Your Future Travels 2023


If you’re dreaming of your next great adventure,
a journey across borders: look no further. From deep meditation to scuba
diving, adventure travel challenges you mentally and physically. It challenges
you to climb mountains, talk to strangers, and navigate perilous waters in
search of fun, learning, and  a life
story. The types of adventures available were already out of this world, but
like  fine wine, they only get better
with the years!

What is adventure travel, anyway?

Adventure travel is the sriracha of world travel.
It’s a kick in your journey, a crack in your step – all the joy of travel with
an added side of ADRENALINE RUSH. Adventure travel programs are a unique way to
discover new landscapes and cultures through immersion, education and numerous
wilderness excursions. For those new to the scene, this is a great  guide to 
many types of adventure travel. For seasoned  travelers, it’s a solid source of inspiration
for their next trip.

9 awesome types of adventures for 2023

Finding the freshest and most interesting
adventures the universe has to offer is key to being a hip cosmopolitan and
keeping your pulse racing. This year’s trends are hotter than ever (think
predators, paddles and PUPPIES!). Sitting at home is the final season.

1. Safari

Is there something like being in the arms  of a lion that stimulates your senses and
makes you feel alive? Detour into adventure. Channel your inner Indiana Jones
like you’ve never done before with an adventure travel program. Safari
travelers can expect many breathtaking and dizzying sights in unlikely

2. Yoga

Not all types of adventure involve deadly
escapades. In fact, some of the toughest adventures lie right in the middle:
the search for a peaceful soul  is an
inner odyssey. Say hello to the sun, take deep breaths, dig your toes into the
ground and move toward your heart center. Yoga adventure travel programs are a
great way to get to know yourself while exploring a foreign environment.

3. Summer camps

“This Time at Group Camp” has become a
cliché for good reason: because summer camp is the ultimate source of absurd
and wonderful adventures that may embarrass your grandchildren  for decades to come. Count on plenty of
crafts with natural materials, group outings, and meet-ups with co-educators as
part of the summer camp adventure travel program. Campfire songs and a s’more
at the end of each night are just the icing on the cake.

4. Trekking

Are you one of those people who click “Walk
around!” with “Yes, please!” ? Then trekking is your soul mate
in adventure travel. Much of this big, beautiful world can only be reached by
mountain trails and rough trails.Whether you’re a seasoned mountaineer or just
want to dip your toes in the water, stunning (literally) hiking trails around
the world beg you to kick off your shoes and hit the trail.

5. Cycling

We don’t reinvent the wheel. Sure, bicycles have
been around for centuries (in Germany even since 1817), but what makes cycling
a new adventure  is the constant  new paths to be discovered. From a fun bike
ride through exotic valleys to  extreme
mountain biking, you can make your biking adventure as wild or as tame as you

6. Canoeing

Just because you’re not Ariel doesn’t mean your
adventure has to end on dry land. The canoe will take you where your legs
cannot go. Do you want to take your canoe adventure to the next level? Try
Kayaking: Just like hiking, only kayaking is your backpack; Disembark the boat
when it’s time to set up camp for the night.

7. Kayaking

 If you
like toned arms, fresh air, and the pace of your adventure, you’ll love
kayaking. Catch gnarly waves in a sea kayak, dodge swirling eddies in a river
kayak, or relax in a sea kayak. No matter how you slice it, kayaking is a lot
of fun.

8. Rock climbing

It’s the new millennium and now people can climb
cliffs. #EPOS! Climbing is a great way to meet like-minded people and have a
great day outdoors when travelling. Go with the program provider to ensure you
hit  the best rocks in town. And if your
hands scream halfway, think how amazing the view will be at the top!

9. Multi-adventure travel

 If that’s
your motto (or you’re just indecisive), multi-adventure travel is the answer.
Experience all that the destination has to offer by piling different adventures
on top of each other: kayak to the trail or participate in a cultural immersion
program with a homestay. Go ahead!

Top 5 best places for all types of adventure

Adventure isn’t about where you are, it’s about
how you approach the world. That said, there are a few destinations that seem
to cater to the best adventure types  and
are must-sees for all adventure travelers.

1. Laos

Jumping off the well-trodden tourist tracks of
Southeast Asia, Laos remains relatively unknown to adventure travelers.
Camping, kayaking and hiking are particularly popular adventure sports in Laos.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand has many adventurous claims to fame,
including but not limited to: inventing bungee jumping, making the outdoors
easy, and being at the end of the world. New Zealand’s volcanic landscape is
never  far from sand (flies), sea,
mountains or plains.

3. South Africa

From the surf of Port Elizabeth to the urban
jungle of Johannesburg, South Africa is both wild and diverse. A trip with
unparalleled wildlife such as  rhinos,
elephants, tigers and giraffes is definitely out of this world.

4. Argentina

Argentina has the highest mountain in the Western
Hemisphere, impressive waterfalls and a stunning coastline. Plus: world-famous
wine and steak to refresh you after a long day of adventure.

5. Norway

If seeing the Northern Lights is on your bucket
list, Norway might just be  the vantage
point you’re looking for. Hiking, cycling and snow sports are popular and
easily accessible activities in Norway.

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