Urgent search for baby as Constance Marten and Mark Gordon arrested


Their baby was allowed  to be days old when the couple  faded in January.   The brace have been arrested by Sussex
Police on  dubitation  of child neglect, but their baby has not
been  set up.   Officers are combing an allotment and golf
course on the Sussex Downs, in an” 
critical hunt” involving 
copters, drones and police  tykes
.   Ms Marten and Gordon, a
condemned  coitus  lawbreaker, were  set up after being spotted by a member of the
public withdrawing cash from an ATM outside an Iceland.  The brace were heavily clothed for  out-of-door  
exertion, Det Supt Lewis Basford from the Met Police said, and were
heading back into an open land area when they were arrested.

In a direct appeal to the public, police said the
hunt was” now  each about that
baby”.   The investigator from the
Metropolitan Police, who are leading on the case, told BBC Breakfast there
were  enterprises about the child being
exposed to the  rudiments.   The couple had been travelling across
England by  hack for weeks-  supposedly 
escaping police- after their auto broke down near Bolton, Greater
Manchester, on 5 January.   Ms Marten’s
father Napier Marten expressed his” immense relief” that his son had
been  set up,” tempered by the  veritably 
intimidating news her baby has yet to be 
set up,” he told The Independent.

Ms Marten and her 
mate left their home in Eltham, south- east London, in September, after
she first showed signs of 
gestation.   Their auto broke down
on the M61 near Bolton and was  set up
burning on 5 January- after which the couple travelled in quick race to
Liverpool, Essex and London.   CCTV
footage showed them  supposedly trying to
hide their faces from cameras.   They
were allowed  to be carrying a large  quantum of cash and to be using camping  outfit to live off- grid, police said.   When they first  faded, police said they were concerned that
the couple  sounded to be”
constantly moving and awake for at least a many days- which must be especially
draining on someone who had  lately given
birth with no medical attention”.

They also said there was no  substantiation that either Ms Marten or the
baby had been assessed by medical professionals since the child’s birth.   At the end of January,  investigators offered a£,000  price for information leading to the couple’s
whereabouts.   Ms Marten, 35, is from
a  fat family and had a privileged
parenting, attending private  academy and
living in a stately home in Dorset.  
Police said she came  disgruntled
from her family after meeting Gordon while a drama pupil in 2016.   Gordon, a registered  coitus 
lawbreaker, was deported to Britain from the United States in 2010 after
spending 20 times in captivity for a rape he committed aged 14.

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