CSIS officer fired for complaining publicly about agency’s lack of COVID-19 masking


A Canadian intelligence officer has been fired
for speaking intimately about what he felt were 
shy COVID- 19  programs at CSIS
headquarters during the height of the epidemic.     The Canadian Security Intelligence Service
dismissed Gary Vos Smith for giving an interview to Global News about the lack
of  obligatory masking at the
agency’s  structure in Ottawa.   A 
correctional commission  set up
that Vos Smith had acted “ in an  unhappy
manner, ” according to a termination letter he 
entered from CSIS director David Vigneault onNov. 16, 2022.   The letter, 
attained by Global News, also said he should have known his  conduct “ could pose a notable  threat to the association as a whole and from
an identity  operation perspective. ”

“ The commission has recommended the termination
of your employment, which I support given the 
soberness of your  conduct, ” read
Vigneault’s letter.   CSIS declined
to  note on the incident, citing  sequestration, but said  workers were anticipated to cleave to a  law of conduct, and breaches were “
taken  veritably seriously. ”   “ By maintaining the loftiest  norms of professionalism in the performance
of our duties and functions, CSIS 
workers contribute to  erecting
trust among associates and maintaining Canadians ’ trust in our association, ”
said  prophet Brandon Champagne.

Director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), David
Vigneault, appears before a special committee in Ottawa, Feb. 6, 2023. THE

In an dispatch to CSIS last week, Vos Smith’s  counsel said her  customer was motivated by concern for  workers bothered about lax COVID- 19
measures.   A report by Employment and
Social Development Canada also  latterly
“ condemned the Service for the 
veritably same thing, ” Kim Patenaude wrote.

Vos Smith told CSIS in an dispatch that the failure to bear masking was
  crazy, ” and he’d faced  damages and attempts to discredit him for
expressing  enterprises about the  programs.  
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plant safety at intelligence agency   COVID-
19 fuelled  public security challenges
for CSIS, as crazies and authoritariananti-western administrations —  specially China, Russia and Iran — tried
to  subsidize on the epidemic by
spreading conspiracy  propositions.   At the same time, it was a  grueling 
time for CSIS  workers,  numerous of whom were  unfit to work ever because of the  uncommunicative nature of their jobs.   Some complained about  shy health and safety protocols, and
hundreds  inked a mass grievance in
February 2021, complaining about the lack of physical distancing at
headquarters and weak  programs on plant


CSIS officer Gary Vos Smith giving an interview to Global News about his
agency’s workplace COVID-19 protocols.

A CSIS officer since 1991, Vos Smith 
supported for  obligatory masking,
but his  elders ruled against it on the
grounds the  structure wasn’t open to the
public and staff could part themselves 

CSIS didn’t  put  obligatory masking until after a series of
outbreaks at headquarters in March 2021. Vos Smith was  latterly told a  correctional commission was looking into his
interview with Global News on the subject.  
In the interview, Vos Smith said he was speaking for hundreds of
intelligence service staff frustrated about CSIS epidemic  programs when he raised the issue, first
internally and  also with Global
News.   READ further CSIS accuses Russia,
China and Iran of spreading COVID- 19 intimation   While he said it went against his instincts
as an intelligence officer to speak out, he felt compelled to talk about hand
health and safety  enterprises that in
his view weren’t being  duly
addressed.   OnNov. 15, 2022, CSIS  transferred him an dispatch telling him to
report to headquarters the coming day to admit a termination letter, according
to correspondence viewed by Global News.  
He filed a grievance over his 
redundancy onDec. 16.

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