15 Best Beaches In USA


With the Pacific Ocean in the west, Atlantic Ocean in the east, and the Gulf of Mexico towards the south, the long bank of the United States of America is completely exposed to  extensive water bodies. The  littoral lands, and these large water bodies combine to form admiration- inspiring  strands in USA, which  beautify the  expansive bank of the country.   Being the third largest country in the world, there’s no dearth of beautiful  strands in USA. still, to make sure your experience is nothing  lower than pure bliss, then’s a list of the fascinating  strands in USA where you can  lounge in the tropical sun, chug down  fantastic  drinks, and also indulge in  noway – ending fun and adventure.

15. Cape May Beach, New Jersey

Housing a lot of bars,  caffs, a fascinating game room, and a mesmerizing  walk along the  sand, the Cape May Beach in New Jersey is one of the stylish  strands in USA Located just a short walk down from the Garden State Parkway, you ’d be lucky if you get to spot some fun- loving dolphins from the shimmering oceanfront of this  rapturous  sand.

14. Lanikai Beach, Kailua, Hawaii

Literally  rephrasing into a “ heavenly ocean ”, Lanikai Beach lives truly upto its character of being one of the stylish  strands in the US. Offering a stunning  geography to soak up the  virtuousness of sun and beach, Lanikai Beach is one of the stylish  strands for honeymoon. still, it’s also a perfect  point for the adventure freaks to indulge in the stylish of pulling on the most transparent waters of Kailua Island in Hawaii.

13. Ocean City Beach, Maryland

Considered to be one of the cleanest  strands in USA, the Ocean City Beach remains a favorite amidst the families who  live in Maryland. Clean, clear, and down from the crowd, it’s  really one of the stylish  strands to visit, be it with family,  musketeers, and indeed with  faves . still, for those who ’d like to enjoy some “ me- time ”, this is the perfect place to be for them as well.

12. Coronado Central Beach, San Diego, California

Stretching for a length of about1.5  long hauls with the most  notorious Hotel del Coronado in the background, the Coronado Beach is reckoned to be one of the stylish  strands in USA. Set against the oceanfront of Ocean Boulevard, if at  each there’s a perfect card- suchlike  sand in USA, it has to be the Coronado Central Beach.

11. Ka’anapali Beach, Lahaina, Hawaii

You can not help but fall in love with one of the most beautiful  strands in USA – the Ka’anapali Beach in Lahaina. Also  famed to be one of the most popular  lams in the heart of Hawaii, Ka’anapali Beach is a pure heaven filled with soft white beach, demitasse clear waters, iconic black  escarpments, and a oceanfront lined with  hospices,  caffs , and bars.

10. St. Pete Beach, Florida

St. Pete Beach is to Florida what Goa is to India. Being one of the  notorious  strands in USA, it has been  constantly ranked as one of the top  strands in America. Millions of  trippers   from  each over the world have  suggested forSt. Pete Beach that has put it up on number seven on the list of stylish  strands in USA. Be it the vast stretch of soft white beach, or the strip of luxurious  hospices, anticipate nothing  lower than a five- star experience at this  sand.

9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Attracting millions of  trippers  from  each over the world and being one of the top  strands in the US, Myrtle Beach forms the core of tourism in the entire South Carolina. A popular part of the shimmering stretch of Grand beachfront’s bank, Myrtle Beach is nothing short of a sixty- afar  littoral paradise that lets the  trippers   weave  recollections to be cherished  ever.

8. East Hampton Main Beach, New York

For those who ’re looking forward to a laid- back  holiday  in the heart of America, none of the stylish  strands in USA can surpass the charm of the Main Beach in East Hampton, New York. Offering stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, the  sand offers a well- equipped snack bar for your  noon  jones, and lifeguards to make sure have a good and a safe time on the  sand.

7. Clearwater Beach, Florida

Shallow waters, soft beach, and a sunny rainfall combine together to make a perfect day out on the Clearwater Beach for all the  trippers  likewise. Considered to be one of the stylish white beach  strands in the world, all it takes is just one sight to fall in love with admiration- inspiring stretch of this  sand with  win trees lined along the  props.

6. Jetties Beach, Nantucket, Massachusetts

While there’s a surprise for each and everyone in the United States of America, the Jetties Beach happens to be one of the most  delightful- filled  strands in USA, especially for  kiddies. A beachfront that’s celebrated by families and  kiddies everyday, the Jetties Beach is popular amongst the locals for its food and party scenes. Also, make sure you don’t miss out on taking a boat lift from the Jetties Beach to the  notorious Brant Point Lighthouse for  delighting  some unspoilt views of the northern  strands in Nantucket.

5. North Manitou Island, Michigan

Accessible only by a boat, the refreshing North Manitou Island comprises not only of some of the stylish  strands in America made of fresh water but also offers a unique  odd experience. Spread across a land of about,000 acres, this  islet is the perfect place for those who wish to explore the realms of wildlife and nature at its stylish.

4. Orange Beach, Alabama

Love to  make sandcastles with your loved bones and walk on the  noway – ending stretch of soft beach  strands? Well look no further than one of the most beautiful  strands in USA of Orange Beach in Alabama. Stretching for about thirty- two  long hauls on the pristine Gulf of Mexico, there’s no  sand in America which is  relatively like this bone

3. El Matador Beach, Malibu

While the upper  escarpments offer stunning  lookouts of the  stirring  geography, one has to hike down a short trail which leads to one of the stylish  strands in USA. Comprising of three small  strands along the same stretch, the El Matador Beach is considered to be one of the stylish kept secrets of the country.

2. South Beach, Miami

Being synonymous with the hep and  passing party scenes, the South Beach in Miami is  really one of the most unique  strands in the world, and that goes withoutsaying.However, it has to be this  notorious Miami Beach, If at  each there’s any  sand which needs no  preface to any of the  trippers across the world. Of glamour, and  gaudiness, every night is a trendy and foamy night at this  sand.

1. 1000 Steps Beach, Laguna

For the free spirits and fun- loving souls, nothing beats the charm of the 1000 Steps Beach which is a must- visit  sand in USA. Being one of the longest  strands on the  props of the South Laguna Beach, one has to climb down the real steep stairs to be  suitable to reach the core of this  sand. With a lot of  grottoes  and  drift pools spread across this  sand, unravel the surprises that the 1000 Steps Beach has in store for you!

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