15 Reasons to Consider Moving to Alaska


Known as America’s last frontier, Alaska is a  hectically popular  sightseer destination. It’s also a fantastic( yet  frequently overlooked) place to live. This astoundingly beautiful state isn’t for the faint of heart. Alaska’s terrain attracts a rather hardy, adventure- seeking crowd with its snowy mountains, cold temperatures,  thick  timbers, and vast  champaign. residers will tell you that their state’s unique beauty makes the cold  layoffs well worth it. Looking for a change of decor , but not sure if Alaska is for you?

Here are 15 reasons to consider moving to Alaska.

Alaska will pay you to move there

Yes, believe it or not, Alaska will actually pay you to move there through its established endless Fund tip Program. Every time, full- time  residers of Alaska( not part- time) admit royalties from the Permanent Fund’s investment earnings. While this varies in size from time to time, it tends to be anywhere from$ 800 to$,100, according to SmartAsset. So what’s this Permanent Fund? It was put into place back in 1976 to conserve a portion of the state’s  profit from mineral  coffers. This  profit was intended to help  profit  unborn generations of Alaskans and hopefully attract new Alaskans in the future. This  redundant bit of cash helps Alaskans save for  withdrawal,  council, and  recesses every time. It’s a big reason people move to and stay in Alaska for life.

Real estate in Alaska is affordable

While the overall cost of living in Alaska can be  relatively high( thanks to the fact that groceries and  coffers have to be  packed  and imported from far down), real estate prices remain rather affordable
According toRealtor.com, Anchorage’s standard listing home price was$,000 in February 2022, trending up7.9 time-over-year. The median listing home price per square  bottom was$ 202. Median  table prices for other top  metropolises in Alaska include$,000 for Fairbanks,$,900 for homes in Wasilla, and$,000 for homes in Kenai. For  further information about real estate prices in Alaska, checkRealtor.com’s  casing profile.

The cost of living is comparable to some other U.S. cities

While the cost of living is considered high, especially if you come from a state where it’s affordable to live, like Georgia or Indiana, it may not  feel that way to someone moving from America’s most  precious  metropolises, like New York City, Honolulu or San Francisco.   Per Numbeo, estimated yearly costs for a family of four in Anchorage are$, not including rent. The same for one single person is$ without rent. A one- bedroom apartment in the center of Anchorage is$,175. A three- bedroom apartment is$,004.

There’s no state income tax or sales tax in Alaska

Without a  mistrustfulness, the State of Alaska boasts the  smallest  levies in the country. Full- time  residers of this great state aren’t  needed to pay state income  duty, nor are they  needed to pay deals  duty. While  residers are still  needed to pay property  levies( among others), they can save on state income  duty and deals  duty. Given that they also admit a monthly sum from the endless Fund tip Program, we ’d venture to say that living in Alaska is a great way to save a enough penny( or several). This program was  enforced in 1976 as a way to conserve a portion of the state’s  profit from mineral  coffers(  oil painting) and disperse it among Alaska’s  residers.

Few states are as uniquely    beautiful as Alaska

You ’ll be hard- pressed to find anywhere as uniquely beautiful as the State of Alaska. From the snow- covered mountain peaks of Denali National Park to the admiration- inspiring Aleutian islets, which house dozens of  tinderboxes, the natural beauty of Alaska is  stirring. residers can see and  witness the world’s most beautiful wildlife, natural  marvels and  geographies regularly.

The state has a rich and unique history

From its early  onsets as a land ground extending to Siberia to its  sanctioned  protestation as aU.S. state in 1959, Alaska boasts a particularly  intriguing and dynamic history. Major events include the Klondike Gold Rush, the Good Friday Earthquake, and the  end of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, which set aside millions of acres for preservation throughout Alaska. Living in Alaska, you ’ll find that the state’s rich history is apparent through its  public  premises , vestiges, galleries and  celebrated  oil painting assiduity. Take a  near look at Alaska’s history if you would like to know more.   Alaska’s Native heritage is especially rich and different. further than,000  ethnical members make up the 229 federally  honored  lines under the  governance of the Alaska Regional Office, from Ketchikan in the Southeast Panhandle to Barrow on the Arctic Ocean and from Eagle on the Yukon Territory border to Atka in the Aleutian Chain. The indigenous peoples of Alaska include Iñupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and a number of Northern Athabaskancultures.However, visit the excellent Alaska Native Heritage Center, located in Anchorage, If you want to learn  further about the state’s Native community.

Alaska has some of the best hunting and fishing anywhere in the world

Still, you ’ve come to the right place, If stalking and fishing are two of your favorite pastimes. Alaska offers some of the most unique stalking and fishing  openings in the world. According to the State of Alaska, hunting options include beef or hare stalking, as well as brown bear or mountain  scapegoat stalking in the Southeast rainforest region. Caribou and moose are also extensively distributed throughout the state. There are  plenitude of fishing  gests  to be had in Alaska as well. Popular fish you ’ll likely discovery in the state’s gutters and aqueducts include salmon, trout and halibut, plus the  notorious king  grouser.

Wildlife encounters are pretty common

Living in Alaska can mean  retarding for moose crossing the road, watching bald eagles soar above as you hike or seeing beluga  jumbos from a bike trail. Indeed when you do n’t venture far into the nature, there’s a chance you ’ll spot some of the state’s different and amazingwildlife.However, there’s a chance you might encounter a bear, If you plan to do a lot of hiking and camping. They tend to avoid humans, but it’s worth taking the time to read up on how to avoid  spooking a bear and what to do in the event of a  battle.

Life is one big adventure in Alaska

Life in Alaska might be cold but, trust us, it’s far from boring. With its spectacular natural beauty, endless recreational  openings and cornucopia of wildlife, you can anticipate  plenitude of adventure in America’s last frontier. Adventures may include  Goliath watching in Juneau, canine sledding with huskies, exploring ice  grottoes , catching the Northern Lights, hiking through Denali National Park, cruising the Seward Highway, chute  buoying through Alaska’s  numerous gutters, cruising the  littoral waters by boat or taking a flightseeing  stint of glaciers. out-of-door conditioning in Alaska are literally  measureless, so make sure to take advantage of these  openings.

Living off the land is a way of life

Numerous Alaskans quest, fish and gather berries for sport, but others do so as part of a subsistence way of life. Living off the land( or indeed entirely off the grid) is a thriving way to support yourself and enjoy the state’s  numerous riches of foliage and fauna. So, if you ever wanted to try it, and this is the  life for you, Alaska is a great state to move to and give it a go.

You can spot the Northern Lights

For your chance to see the  sunup borealis, head to Alaska. According to the Smithsonian, the inland Alaskan Arctic, “ where skies tend to be clearer, ” is one of the stylish places in the world to view the Northern Lights. residers and callers can  generally view them between September and late April. The Smithsonian also notes that in order to maximize your chances of seeing them, “ head for the  further remote northern  townlets of Coldfoot in the Yukon Territory, or Prudhoe Bay and Barrow in the extreme north. ”

Enjoy 24/7 sunshine in the summer

Alaska  residers enjoy the ultimate summer. In addition to its ideal temperatures(  suppose day highs of 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit), Alaska summers offer  vastly long, sun- filled days. According toAlaska.org, “ Alaska’s sky is light nearly all night long from late May to late July And it’s light past 10 pm for another month on either side of that. ” June 21 is known as the longest day of the time in Alaska, with nearly 19 hours of daylight in Anchorage.

The Alaska State Fair is one of the best fairs in the country

Still, you ’ll get to  witness the world- famed Alaska State Fair, If you ’re a  occupant of Alaska. Held in Palmer, Alaska, this periodic, late- summer event dates back to 1936.Alaska.org describes it as the “ last hurrah ” for Alaskans before summer ends. The fair includes  nocturnal musicales,  festival lifts, games and lots of unique Alaskan food. The nearly two- week-long State Fair is Alaska’s largest periodic event.

A relaxed lifestyle

When you move to Alaska, you wo n’t have to worry about keeping up with the  rearmost trends in fashion, for sure. residers dress for the rainfall and wo n’t judge if you wear your hiking books to a fancy  eatery. You can bring your canine to a lot of places, too, and, in general, the locals will be friendly and helpful.

Alaska is a great place for working remotely

Considering operating remotely once you flow to Alaska? The nation does have the infrastructure to assist it. You’ll discover the 5G community and net accelerates to at least one gigabyte in Anchorage, for instance, and a few towns are making an investment in fiber optic infrastructure.

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