Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone’s Feud, a History


Born three times  piecemeal, Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone both came major Hollywood stars in the 70s and 80s. Philadelphia- born Gere bagged his first major  part in a West End  product of Grease, while New Yorker Stallone  set up his  foremost work in ‘ softcore ’ cinema and  plodded with severance and homelessness.   Despite their differing origins, Gere and Stallone’s paths led them both to one movie, the 1974 drama The Lords of Flatbush. But rather than  relating the brace over their participated good fortune, the film began a decades-long feud.

The Lords of Flatbush

Written and directed by Stephen Verona, who grounded the film on his own teenage times in a 1950s motorcycle gang, The Lords of Flatbush would be a  fairly low- budget  product featuring a group of  youthful and ambitious actors. Alongside  unborn Happy Days star Henry Winkler, Verona cast Stallone and Gere.   Stallone, in addition to offering a script punch- up, would play Stanley Rosiello, while Gere was cast as Chico Tyrell. But cracks in the cast began to appear beforehand, with Stallone and Gere colliding during  practices . “ He’d strut around in his  large motorcycle jacket like he was the baddest knight at the round table, ” Stallone recalled in a 2006 interview with Ai n’t It Cool.

One day, during an  extemporization, he  seized me( we were  bluffing a fight scene) and got a little carried down. I told him in a gentle fashion to lighten up, but he was  fully in character and  insolvable to deal with.

I was eating a hotdog and he climbs in with a half a  funk covered in mustard with grease nearly  trickling out of the aluminum wrapper. I said, ‘ That thing is going to  drop  each over the place. ’ He said, ‘ Do n’t worry about it. ’ I said, ‘ If it gets on my pants you ’re gon na know about it. ’
“ He proceeds to  suck  into the  funk and a small,  slithery swash of mustard lands on my ham. I  bulled him in the side of the head and  principally pushed him out of the auto. The director had to make a choice one of us had to go, one of us had to stay ”   With Gere being fired( or choosing to walk – reports vary), the  youthful Perry King was cast in the  part of Chico. The Lords of Flatbush  entered mixed reviews, but it was a hit with 70s cinema- goers( Quentin Tarantino, for one, is a addict). The film launched Stallone’s career, while Henry Winkler would develop his most  notorious character, Happy Days ’ The Fonz, on the set, inspired by Stallone’s performance.
Gere, who has  noway  intimately spoken of his  gests  on the set of Flatbush, would have to  stay a little longer to break Hollywood. In 1980, Gere achieved mainstream success with his  supereminent  part in American Gigolo, and he’d cement his stardom with  places in  flicks including The Cotton Club and Enough Woman –  places reportedly firstly allocated for Stallone.

Professional rivalry

By the early 90s, Stallone was the encyclopedically recognised action star of the Rocky and Rambo  votes, while Gere was an established heartthrob known for romantic  pictures like An Officer and a Gentleman and Enough Woman. Behind the scenes,  still, both men had developed  reports for  delicate  geste 
            .   Gere feuded with Debra Winger during the filming of An Officer and a Gentleman, while Stallone held a  stewing resentment for Arnold Schwarzenegger ever since the Terminator star reportedly mocked Stallone at the 1977 Golden Globes. And Arnie  putatively was n’t the only one with a dislike for Sly.   Gere reportedly won the  supereminent  part of Enough Woman’s Edward Lewis after Stallone turned it down. In the film, director Garry Marshall  specially cameos as a homeless man who, when Edward asks him for directions to Beverly Hills, points at a  structure in a run-down.

Princess Diana

By 1992, Gere’s marriage to supermodel Cindy Crawford was  formerly collapsing, just a time after the two had wed. It was in this tumultuous state that Gere met Stallone again, at a party hosted by Elton John.   The party in question was star- packed. In her autobiography Bonkers My Life in Laughs, Jennifer Saunders wrote that her stylish friend and comedy  mate Dawn French was in attendance, as well as Tim Rice, Jeffrey Katzenberg and Princess Diana. French, who described Gere as “  veritably good looking but  unfeignedly dull ”, also witnessed Stallone “ attach himself to Princess Diana – velcroed himself to her side. ”

French stated that Princess Diana was  bothered by Stallone’s attention and asked for her help. According to Elton John himself, Diana only had eyes for the handsome Gere “ As the rest of us  gabbled, I could n’t help notice a strange atmosphere in the room Judging by the kind of aesthetics  he kept shooting them, Diana and Richard Gere’s  recently  blowing  fellowship wasn’t going down well with Sylvester Stallone at all. ”
After  regale, Stallone and Gere  dissolved and were  latterly  set up “ squaring up ” in the corridor, on the verge of a “ fist- fight ”. Reportedly, Stallone  latterly complained to John “ I  noway  would have come, if I ’d known Prince f *** in ’ Charming was gon na be then. ” Of Princess Di, Stallone allegedly said “ If I ’d wanted her, I would ’ve taken her! ”

Cindy Crawford

According to Esquire, there was  further to Gere and Stallone’s 1992  battle than their  collective interest in Diana. In 1995, the magazine reported “ Depending on which  regard you heard, the evening either ended with Sly and Gere giving Diana ‘ fits of  cachinnations ’ or with two macho model hounds snarling over CindyC. ”   pertaining to Crawford, Gere allegedly said “ I hear you ’re sleeping with my  woman ” to Stallone, before calling the Rocky actor a “ lowlife ” and making fun of his accentuation.   While Stallone reportedly called Gere’s blameworthiness “  crazy ” and “ completely untrue ”, and Gere himself a “ confused man who was having  visions ”

The gerbil rumour

in the same Ai n’t It Cool interview in which Stallone described Gere’s confidentially shenanigans in The Lords of Flatbush, the Rocky star also dropped a  stunner “ He indeed thinks I ’m the individual responsible for the gerbil  scuttlebutt. Not true but that’s the  scuttlebutt. ”   This ‘ gerbil  scuttlebutt ’, which first circulated in the early 80s, was that Gere  formerly placed a live gerbil in his rectum, and was rushed to sanitarium when he could n’t remove it himself.( A  platoon of croakers  apparently worked lifelessly to free the  critter.) This tale sparked  numerous pop culture references and parodies, including an In Living Color squib from 1992 and a namecheck in 1996 horror movie Scream.
This  crazy story is in fact an civic legend which has been attributed to  multitudinous celebrities over the times,  generally attributed to  notorious  numbers who are also rumoured to be  intimately gay.( tales about Gere’s fornication have also  girdled the actor since his early career.) Others linked to the gerbil story include Philadelphia TV  newsreader   Jerry Penacoli, as well as weatherman Rick Segel and an unnamed linebacker for the Cleveland Browns.
Of course, there’s zero  substantiation that any of these men, Gere included, ever got intimate with a gerbil. also, there’s no  substantiation that the  contended sexual practice of ‘ gerbilling ’ indeed exists, with experimenters failing to find any record of anyone ever having had a rodent removed from their rectum.

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