Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar Prime Ministor of Pakistan

Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar was a prominent Pakistani politician and statesman who served as the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1957. He was born on June 15, 1897, in Karachi, British India (now in Pakistan), and passed away on September 26, 1960, in Karachi.

Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar Prime Ministor of Pakistan

The political career of Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar

Chundrigar’s political career began during the British colonial era when he joined the All India Muslim League and actively participated in the Pakistan Movement, which aimed to establish a separate nation for Muslims in the Indian subcontinent. After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, Chundrigar continued his political involvement and held several key positions in the government.

In 1957, Chundrigar was appointed as the Prime Minister of Pakistan by President Iskander Mirza after the dismissal of the previous government. However, his tenure as Prime Minister was short-lived, lasting only for a period of two months, from October 17, 1957, to December 16, 1957. He resigned due to disagreements with the President over political and constitutional issues.

Chundrigar was known for his integrity, professionalism, and commitment to public service. He had a successful career in the private sector as well, serving as the Chairman of the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) and playing a vital role in the economic development of Pakistan.

Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar’s contributions to the early years of Pakistan’s history and his brief tenure as Prime Minister have made him an important figure in the country’s political landscape.

Death of Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar

Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar passed away on September 26, 1960, in Karachi, Pakistan. He died at the age of 63. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find further details about the specific circumstances or cause of his death.