FSC Part 1 Exams Preparation Online Test for Pakistani Students

FSC Part 1 Exams Preparation Online Test for Pakistani Students
FSC Part 1 Exams Preparation Online Test for Pakistani Students

After passing matriculation examinations, the students gain liberation from the scrutiny of teachers and this discharge from supervision often leads to carelessness. As Surveyed, the students who had attained high marks in matriculation lost their grades in 11th class due to this liberation. The acquiring of education maintaining good grades at the intermediate level is mainly dependent on students themselves. Their responsibility and dedication are tested.

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There is a total of eight subjects in FSc that are offered to study including English, Urdu, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, and Islamiat. All the subjects in FSc Pre-Medical and FSc pre-engineering are almost the same. However, there is a difference between one subject that is Math and Biology. The students who wish to get admission in Pre-medical choose biology whereas the students who wish to get admission in Pre-engineering choose mathematics.

Our Most Attempted Tests. FSC Physics Test, FSC Biology Test, FSC Chemistry Test, FSC Math Test.

In the 11th class students study Islamiat as a compulsory subject whereas in the 12th class they have to study Pak studies as an alternative to Islamiat. The papers of all the subjects of FSc comprises of two sections objective type and subjective type. The objective paper comprises multiple-choice questions. It is a bit difficult for the aspirants to prepare for the objective type as they have no idea about it that what type of MCQs will come in the exam. For this reason, here on this page, we have provided the online test of MCQs of all the subjects. Students can easily prepare for their objective type paper by taking this online test. You will face no difficulty in giving this online test. You just have to choose the subject given below of which you want to take the test.

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